Sunday, September 7, 2008


We are winding down from a great weekend, First Friday, family movie night on Saturday Eve, Fool's Gold check out the trailer:, my gosh Matthew is hot! and just chillaxing on Sunday after church. Yeah! The EAGLES WON!!We took a break from gourds and me and Dewie made a DESIGNER DOG DISH for our beloved Johnny!

Check out our dog fag art project!!!!!!!!!! I love it and so did Dewie, are you thinking what I am thinking, yes they are going into production.Hand crafted by local Amish men, hand stained and personalized by me with your dog's name. I won't be using the stickers on the ones I will list in my Etsy shop.....Johnny's is a one of a kind!I have to make up some display pieces and i will be using my two favorite dogs, Brownee and help! I can't remember your dog's name Lisa Flood! Brain Freeze......but he will be used as a model also. For Brownee, it will be stained in red adorned with jewels. For Lisa's it will be stained black adorned with metal spikes. Hope you like them, they will be yours when my pictures are loaded on the shop. Check out the pics!
of course you can request your family names on the bone bowl or other small illustrations. I will also feature a cat bowl from Sissy's Cat Ranch and Rodeo....I think that cat's name is Floyd.Well another weekend of craft heaven!!
Have a great day!Gourd Wishes, Wendy

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