Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Gourd Evening!

Exciting news for Blue Rock Gourds! I am going to be featured on the Artisans Shoppe website!

What a great site to showcase our gourds! You have to check out all the artists, only 30 will be featured and will be rotate our products all year long.

2009 is going to be GREAT!!

Blue Rock Gourds is lauching all kinds of new products, give aways and promotions!! Stay tuned!

Also in the new year I will be posting many new tips and tricks to gourd painting, carving and bird facts.


I am off to watch India Hicks on Bravo....Design!

Gourd Nite!! Wendy

Friday, October 24, 2008


Gourd Evening!!
This is my time of the year! Pumpkins, GOURDS, Halloween and parades! We all went to the Columbia Pa Halloween Parade. My beautiful niece Catherine was marching in the parade with her baton school.

My sister Heidi lives in Marietta, Pa the town beside Columbia. Both towns are rich with history. Sorta a Civil War Federal vintage town, the homes are beautiful and the people are great. Nestled by the river, the Civil War soldiers would stay in these towns on the way to Gettysburg.

Columbia was like New York City, bustling with people in the streets just waiting for the parade, the spooky sights and all the candy! Of course all the street vendors selling balloons, pretzels, neon necklaces, hot dogs and coffee.

Abbie had her picture taken with the balloon clown who made a twisted flower and dog balloon.

All the batons flying, veterans bands marching, the smell of fresh peanuts in the air, candy being thrown from fancy cars, clowns on motorcycles, spooky goblins, ghosts, witches, well I think Laurence Welk sums it up!
Check it out!
Gourd Wishes!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Gourd Morning!
Thank you to my new friend and fellow blogger Debbie Gootter she had featured me in her blog spotlight.
Please check me out:
She has a awesome blog full of tips and wonderful spotlights!

Thank you!! Debbie

Hugs & Gourds! Wendy

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pika Party!! ABBIE IS 7 YEARS OLD!!

What a great weekend!! My Abbie is 7! October 18th! She shares her birthday with my Sister Heidi and that is special enough! So Abbie was 7 and Heidi was 25 plus 20!

We had a very busy day, baseball at 9:00, soccer at 11:00, Pika Pokemon Party at 3:00 and Party at Magi and Poppy's at 6:00!

Abbie's Pokemon Party went great I made the Pikachu hats and bags for the party and it was at the Country Barn in Mountville! Awesome place for a party! Hayrides, gem mining, corn maze, horsey rides, pigs, cows, goats. We all had fun!

It is Sunday night and I am beat from the party weekend.
Tomorrow I will be back craftin for the holidays and I will be tell all my fellow bloggers about my new promotion!! We will want to tune in!!
Happy Birthday Abbie & Heidi and our good friend Monica she is the 19th! LOVE YA!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Gourd Evening!
After a mind numbing day at the tax office, I come home and unwind by making some funky jewelry for my upcoming Christmas shows. Remember those old scrabble tiles you have everywhere in your closet..........send them to me!!! I will make you a shipping and free ring!

Wendy Overdorf
271 Blue Rock Road
Millersville, PA 17551

Send 1 send a thousand!! I will make you a ring of your choice and ship it to you free!!
Any other funky game pieces....send them in!

Check out the pic! I will try to send a better pic soon!

Old vintage bingo buttons work great also!! Send them in!! Come on people, clean out those closets and send me some goodies!! Any game or funky picks or objects will be fine~!!

My Etsy pick of the day:

What a awesome goodie for your neck!

Gotta run....season finale of Project Runway!!! Go Kenley Go!!
Hugs & Gourds! Wendy

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Gourd Evening,
I am back from my long weekend at Leesport Harvest Craft Fair. What a long, tiring weekend. What used to be are best show has now been hit by the hard times are nation is facing. We still sold lots of gourds and meet lots of nice people, but the mountain was empty with vendors who didn't come back to try it again. The crowds we just passing by and looking. We are thankful for what we sold and so happy to be going back in November. It really makes you wonder how we can save our nation.
Here is a typical day on the road for a craft show. Me and my beloved Gourdfather start out early before the sun has come up. He loads everything in the truck the night before and we make our pilgrimage to Turkey Hill for coffee and I have to talk to my peeps at the Hill.

We chat on the way, he chats, I sleep. We arrive just before sunrise and unload the van, or Milty unloads the van, I sleep. I mean I start displaying gourds on ladders.
Dottie and George beside us are always set up and ready to go by the time we pull into our spot.
Soon our stand is full of gourds and sunshine, ready for the day.

It is always so nice to be HOME at the end of a long weekend!

I came home to a beautiful sight on my door, a praying mantis and if just made me feel like we all will get through these hard times and be stronger people and we will have a stronger nation. Also with my own struggles in life and what I will be facing at the beginning of November, I will be fine, I will be strong and I will survive.

Gourd Wishes and Gourd Night,

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Gourd Evening!
I still dream of crafts all day at my dull and boring office job! Kill me now!!
Here is a great craft I discovered on the web tonight, Check it out!
This no sew pumpkin would be the hit of the Halloween party! Check it out!!

Also, my friend Vivien from Puffpastry just finished my order for my Holiday Boutique in December!
Check out these puppies!! They have my friend Lisa and Monica written all over them!

Short blog tonight!
Fashion Runway!!
To all my crafty friends!!
Craft on Crafty Warriors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Gourd Evening!
Last night was a milestone!

Our son Zane is now 16!!!!


We had the whole family over for a Chinese buffet, Zane's favorite and we had presents and cake! Good times!!
Magi, Poppy, Heidi and Catherine and all of us were singing him the birthday song!
He is very excited about driving my car! He took it for a spin in the backyard, watch out neighbors! He will be a very responsible driver I have no doubt!

You turn around one day and they are 16! I can remember the day I had Zane, best day of my life.
You are a wonderful guy.....don't ever change.
We love you, Zane!
Dad, Mom and Dewie

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Well, here it is Sunday night and the weekend is coming to a close. We had a great show at the Apple Fest in Darlington Maryland.
What a quaint little town. The beer at the Susquehanna Inn was great also after the show! Great food and beer! We always stop for dinner after a show and it is crazy and fun at the Inn.
At the fest Abbie had her hair painted pink and purple. She also painted some pottery for Zane's birthday and got plenty of tattoos!

The show was packed with lookers and shoppers.

We had are best display ever!! What a beautiful picture of our gourd apples!!
To all my gourdy friends! Gourd Nite!!

We had our best display set up ever!