Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pika Party!! ABBIE IS 7 YEARS OLD!!

What a great weekend!! My Abbie is 7! October 18th! She shares her birthday with my Sister Heidi and that is special enough! So Abbie was 7 and Heidi was 25 plus 20!

We had a very busy day, baseball at 9:00, soccer at 11:00, Pika Pokemon Party at 3:00 and Party at Magi and Poppy's at 6:00!

Abbie's Pokemon Party went great I made the Pikachu hats and bags for the party and it was at the Country Barn in Mountville! Awesome place for a party! Hayrides, gem mining, corn maze, horsey rides, pigs, cows, goats. We all had fun!

It is Sunday night and I am beat from the party weekend.
Tomorrow I will be back craftin for the holidays and I will be tell all my fellow bloggers about my new promotion!! We will want to tune in!!
Happy Birthday Abbie & Heidi and our good friend Monica she is the 19th! LOVE YA!!!

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