Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Gourd Evening!
After a mind numbing day at the tax office, I come home and unwind by making some funky jewelry for my upcoming Christmas shows. Remember those old scrabble tiles you have everywhere in your closet..........send them to me!!! I will make you a shipping and free ring!

Wendy Overdorf
271 Blue Rock Road
Millersville, PA 17551

Send 1 send a thousand!! I will make you a ring of your choice and ship it to you free!!
Any other funky game pieces....send them in!

Check out the pic! I will try to send a better pic soon!

Old vintage bingo buttons work great also!! Send them in!! Come on people, clean out those closets and send me some goodies!! Any game or funky picks or objects will be fine~!!

My Etsy pick of the day:

What a awesome goodie for your neck!

Gotta run....season finale of Project Runway!!! Go Kenley Go!!
Hugs & Gourds! Wendy

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