Sunday, October 12, 2008


Gourd Evening,
I am back from my long weekend at Leesport Harvest Craft Fair. What a long, tiring weekend. What used to be are best show has now been hit by the hard times are nation is facing. We still sold lots of gourds and meet lots of nice people, but the mountain was empty with vendors who didn't come back to try it again. The crowds we just passing by and looking. We are thankful for what we sold and so happy to be going back in November. It really makes you wonder how we can save our nation.
Here is a typical day on the road for a craft show. Me and my beloved Gourdfather start out early before the sun has come up. He loads everything in the truck the night before and we make our pilgrimage to Turkey Hill for coffee and I have to talk to my peeps at the Hill.

We chat on the way, he chats, I sleep. We arrive just before sunrise and unload the van, or Milty unloads the van, I sleep. I mean I start displaying gourds on ladders.
Dottie and George beside us are always set up and ready to go by the time we pull into our spot.
Soon our stand is full of gourds and sunshine, ready for the day.

It is always so nice to be HOME at the end of a long weekend!

I came home to a beautiful sight on my door, a praying mantis and if just made me feel like we all will get through these hard times and be stronger people and we will have a stronger nation. Also with my own struggles in life and what I will be facing at the beginning of November, I will be fine, I will be strong and I will survive.

Gourd Wishes and Gourd Night,

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GingerLouise said...

As much as I think sometimes, my life is so hard we never have any money, should I get a "real job" I really wouldn't change it for a thing. Look at the beautiful weekend you had, it's such a great way to live life, unfortunately money has to be a part of it. I've been through hard times before and like you, will get through them again. Best wishes