Thursday, September 11, 2008


I know it is only September, but today in the mail I got the most awesome bonsai hand made pot from a fellow crafter in CA. It also came with a nice little starter bonsai clipping. Love it!! The packaging was beautiful. Thanks, Victor!

Check out his awesome work!

Tonight was "Meet the Teacher" night at Dewie's school. Mrs. Shover, she is a lovely woman and is crazy about Abbie, (that always helps!)She said "Abbie is a lovely young lady and very responsible". Abbs you make Mamma PROUD!!Tonight was also "Meet the Teach" for Zane.........he did'nt want anyone to go! Milty went and we got all the stuff on teaching your child how to drive! Kill me now!! Zane on the road!
Good night for now! I have to surf for crafty goodness!
Gourd Wishes,Wendy

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