Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Gourd Greetings!

Another exciting night of Project Runway! Kenley needs to go! She is a spoiled brat!! You know I love vintage, but come on!!

All she designs are sappy vintage dresses!

Have her design a gourd!

Speaking of Gourds we have 200+ gourds in the garage waiting to be stained and painting and fun filled weekend of

We are in the Darlington Apple Festival next week with 70,000 people!
So you will see the Overdorf's in the garage painting and spraying all weekend.

Oh how we love our gourds!

Don't forget the Gourd of Week will be changing soon for October! Here is a preview!

Endora the Witch
Jack the Pumpkin

Good Night all my Gourdy Friends!

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