Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Got Gourds??

Hello Spring!
Who is looking for gourds?? Blue Rock Gourds has got what you need! Check out the gourd pile!

Fresh from the field! Getting ready to be cleaned for crafty all those beautiful gourd birdhouses, bowls, necklaces, you name it!

Look what what I found in the patch this year, we have a huggggggggggge crop of big bushel gourds, great for extra large Santas, landscapes and drums.
I will be soon adding fresh, craft ready gourds to my Etsy shop:
Mini bottles

Tennessee Spinners


You name it we have it!

Our new website will be up and running very soon. Launch date

May 1st!
Check us out!
My own store, shopping cart, fun gourdy facts!

Here is a sneak peek of a new garden statue I will be offering on my new website:

The Golden Buddha!
Bright gold paint with brown and yellow accents.
I have a busy weekend in Maryland, Towson Garden Days on Thursday and Mt. Washington on Saturday.
Have a beautiful, sunny, gourdy weekend!

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WarPony said...

Oh that gourd pile makes me drool!!!!