Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Where are all the gourd lovers??

Hello it is spring, well sorta, it has been very chilly in Lancaster county. Thinking about gourd planting but....just too cold! It all starts with a seed, a small little seed and look what you can grow!

This is a curly dipper, when the gourd is soft during the growing season you can form the gourd to any shape. This is not an easy task, but if you master this you will be amazed at the different shapes and sizes you can grow.

My new favorite is the warty hard shell. Look at these babies! Full of warts........this would make a great natural toad house for your backyard. Stain them and they make a stunning centerpiece for your table. This is a new variety of gourd that has not even been added to the gourd chart yet! Yes I have them for sale in my Ebay store:

Let you imagination run wild!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the gourd chart for your reference!
If you need gourds, I have every kind you need! Any shape, size and variety!
I ran a contest in January and War Pony won! Please email me you address so I can send the gourd, it really needs a home!
Get Gourdy,


WarPony said...

Whoo hoo! I'll email you my addy right quick!

I'm starting my gourds inside in about 2 weeks, I am SOOO excited about this growing season!!!!!

BlueRockGourds said...

Thank you! I got your addy and it will be in the mail tomorrow!
Keep it Gourdy!

WarPony said...

It got here safe and sound! Thank you so much, it looks just delightful hanging out in the front yard! You'd think with all the gourd stuff I do that I'd have already had a gourd bird house and yet I didn't. How silly is that!!

Lisa J said...

Love all your gourds you do!