Sunday, April 5, 2009


Long post!

I am still working on my much anticipated website!!

CAN'T WAIT!! It will be so wonderful.................................thank you to my friend Matt a genius at web design.
This blog is changing to all gourd related, gourds, ideas, crafts and fun gourd facts!
1. First fact of the month, my uncle Harry Woijeckic from little ole Jelloway Ohio is a founding member of the American Gourd Society....gourds run in are blood!
Please visit my two....yes 2 new blogs!!
Who likes tea?? Hot or Iced.....I have a tea for you! Follow my blog today and I will send you a free, yesssssss free bag of tea! Easter Bunny tea.....Yummy!

This is my family blog full of family pics, craft ideas and vintage finds!

Little house, sweet family, BIG LIFE!
Check us out!
Back to gourds! I have some great ideas and lots of gourds to create!

Check out my Easter eggs & baskets!

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