Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It has been a loooooooooooong time!! I have some crafty exciting news!
Blue Rock Gourds has come up with another great crafty item!
Mushroom and Toadstool garden pokes!
They have been a HIT at all the summer craft shows. SO we are offering them my Etsy shop!
I have many great bright colors, your choice, green, blue, red, orange, yellow and silver. They made your garden fun and funky!
Put them in your garden, window box or in a barrel.
They are so cute!!
The top of the mushroom is a cut gourd, painted and speckled with white dots. The poke is a piece of fresh bamboo!
Grab your favorite gnome put it under your mushroom and your garden will smile!
Have a great day in the garden!


Terry said...

Howdy Wendy
Your blog is fabulous !
I love those oh soooooooo cute toadstools and mushroom gourds.
Wow you are so creative.
Have a blessed week.
Happy Trails

jen said...

Thanks for entering my drawing...and joining my followers list!!! Yea!!!
One of my fondest memories...I think I was in 4th grade was when our class went to a gourd farm!!
I love everything I see!!!