Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ocean Grove NJ, Angry Squirrels & Gourds Galore!

What at fun weekend! Long and tiring and I am getting a cold but........all is good!

BRG had a first time show in the state of New Jersey, Ocean Grove. What a beauty of a town! Gingerbread homes, Victorian elegance and wholesome life.........we fell in love!

The craft show was great, the mix of crafters were really nice, fresh and all handmade, no imports!

I met a really great domino jewelry artist, Natalie and we exchanged all kinds of craft and show tips. Thanks Natalie! Being right on the boardwalk on a beautifulllllllll day was the best part!

New Jersey gals were complaining about squirrels, they claim their squirrels are angry and mean.

Gourd tip: Yes squirrels can destroy gourds..............but keep your gourds high and don't add any food to your houses and you will be angry squirrel free!
Halloween is flying out the craft show tent................I will be listing all Halloween on Etsy, here is a peek..................BOO!

God Save the Gourds!

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Victoria said...

Ocean Grove sure is pretty, looks a lot like Cape May. As for angry squirrels... well even nice ones scare the crap out of me, so angry ones would leave me in a near nut-case state of mind. (Hopefully they will all stay in Orange Grove, NJ!)