Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Merry Gourdmas!

It has been a long time! I am knee deep in gourd Santas, Snowmen and gourd ornies!
In between a college visit, gourds, a huge water leak (really no water at all), gourds, basketball games, gourds, soccer games, gourds, opening a new large clothing boutique, gourds and my favorite holiday Thanksgiving.........I am happy to say, I am alive and well!

I am very proud to say that our son Zane has been accepted to Penn College in Williamsport, PA! We now have water! Yeah! Our daughter Abbie is a fine basketball player at 9 years old! My friend Lola and I opened a new large clothing boutique "Big Girls"don't cry when you shop here! (Look for my new facebook page coming soon!) opened without a hitch! and my Thanksgiving was great.
Oh yeah, Blue Rock Gourds is still pumping out gourds, gourds and more gourds, here is a sneak peak for Christmas! I will be listing many Christmas gourds on my Facebook fan page! Thank you!
And to all a good night!


Zev said...

When I was a Penn State student, we used to play against the Penn College Woodsmen team. If your kid is at all interested in chopping wood or hanging out with crazy country kids, I'd encourage him to look up the Woodsmen team!

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