Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Next Stop, Malvern!

What a month December is turning out to be! Gourd craziness!
I had the PLEASURE of meeting a very wonderful lady, Sue Donohue.
Never realizing her family was famous in the car racing field, her son David Donohue (great link, check it out). I meet Sue at a craft market and she contacted me to do a home show. BRG never did a home show but what the heck let's try it! It was a blast! I called it a "Gourd Gathering". Sue was a gracious hostess and her friends were lovely.

Of course I have been thinking about these "Gourd Gatherings" and in the New Year and I will be releasing my new home party plan for "Gourd Gatherings and I am currently looking for representatives in the USA! How exciting or gourdciting! Gourd Gatherings will also offer a nice variety of handmade artist's works. Nothing from China or out of a box. Keep check back for details. If you are interested in have a gathering or being a rep, please contact me:

717-872-8982 or by email at

We had a wonderful day and Sue you are the best!

Here we are at the Sue's gourd gathering.

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